Doorway Into Time

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Title: Doorway Into Time

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Maybe you heard that story as encouragement to think of the big picture, but to the psychologist in you the important moral is that any action has to be thought of at multiple levels if you are going to carry it out successfully. The third builder might have the most inspiring view of their day-job, but nobody can build a cathedral without figuring out how to successfully put one brick on top of another like the first builder.

As we move through our days our attention shifts between these levels — from our goals and ambitions, to plans and strategies, and to the lowest levels, our concrete actions. When things are going well, often in familiar situations, we keep our attention on what we want and how we do it seems to take care of itself.

Hence the pause in conversation as the driver gets to a tricky junction, or the engine starts to make a funny sound. The way our attention moves up and down the hierarchy of action is what allows us to carry out complex behaviours, stitching together a coherent plan over multiple moments, in multiple places or requiring multiple actions. Each scale requires attention at some point. And sometimes spinning plates fall.

Our memories, even for our goals, are embedded in webs of associations. That can be the physical environment in which we form them, which is why revisiting our childhood home can bring back a flood of previously forgotten memories, or it can be the mental environment — the set of things we were just thinking about when that thing popped into mind. The Doorway Effect occurs because we change both the physical and mental environments , moving to a different room and thinking about different things.

If you have an everyday psychological phenomenon you'd like to see written about in these columns please get in touch with tomstafford on Twitter, or ideas idiolect. If you liked this story, sign up for the weekly bbc.

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Door-knocking might remind you of door-to-door salespeople and Girl Scouts, but it could also be a worthwhile part of your real estate lead generation strategy. Door-knocking doesn't need to be sleazy or awkward -- it can be a great way to network in a neighborhood, drum up new contacts or visitors, and invite prospective buyers to open houses.

1. What Do I Need?

In this post, I'll offer you tips for building a successful real estate door-knocking strategy, as well as a few scripts you can use if anyone answers the door. Before you hit the streets, do your research to figure out what your best door-knocking approach will be. Here are some things to research about the neighborhood where you're planning to knock on doors around a property you're selling:. What are the average home values on the street? In the neighborhood? Are they rising, or falling? What details about pricing might incentivize someone to sell with you, or refer someone to you?

How long ago were homes in the neighborhood purchased?

Doorway to the Past

How are the school districts and individual school quality in the area? This information could help you market and sell homes to young families. Is there a low rate of crime in the neighborhood? Use that information as part of your sales pitch. Are there coffee shops, restaurants, public transportation routes, and bars within walking distance of the neighborhood? Use those features and amenities to help sell a home for you.

Unless you're knocking on doors at a. That's okay -- because you can use their absence as an opportunity to share some information with them.

Chapter 4: Entrances, Doors, and Gates - United States Access Board

When you head out for door-knocking, come prepared with fliers, business cards , postcards , doorknob hangers, or small gifts or treats to give leave at people's doors so they can contact you if they want to refer someone or do business with you. If someone does answer the door when you knock, make sure you're prepared with a compelling script you've practiced a few times. We have some specific example scripts you can use below, but make sure you're also preparing and practicing using them to have a successful -- and not robotic -- door-knocking conversation.

If you want a complete stranger to listen to you while you're standing in their doorway, you need to get to the point quickly, and you need to make sure you're offering something that's helpful and valuable to them. For example, if you want to engage people in a conversation about a house you're selling down the street from them, tell them the house's price point. If they're not considering selling their home, they might be interested in passing along the information to a friend or family member who's buying.

Based on the research you did earlier, you could also tell them information about the average home price in the neighborhood, or the ratings of the schools within walking distance, to get their wheels turning about their own home buying and selling prospects.

Even if they're not ready to make a decision today, they'll have your contact information and appreciate you providing them with valuable details about their own prospects. Open houses can be a great opportunity to secure applicants and offers on homes you're selling -- but they can also be an opportunity to generate new leads. Once you've prepared for your open house with a head-to-toe deep cleaning, furniture staging, and hopefully some freshly-baked cookies, carve out time in your schedule to do some door knocking at homes nearby. You can invite neighbors to check out the open house, even if just to say hi and grab a flyer or a snack, as a way to get to know new potential leads.

If they come to the open house, great -- you can chat with them more then. If they can't make it, they'll still appreciate the polite invitation and be more likely to take a business card or flyer and think of you in the future if they or someone they know is looking to sell or buy. One compelling angle you can use when door-knocking is that they can help choose their neighbors by referring you new leads. Particularly if they live in a residential area, have children, or have lots of entertaining space, this might be of genuine interest to them.

Eckhart Teachings

By asking them "do you have any friends or family who are thinking about buying a home? If the neighborhood has a local coffee shop, bakery, or florist nearby, bring some gifts with you as you knock on doors. If someone answers the door, you can explain that you're a real estate agent knocking doors in the neighborhood to tell people about a property you're selling, and offer them a doughnut or potted plant if they let you chat for a moment about the listing.

Don't be too pushy with this though -- understandably, some people don't want to accept food or gifts from strangers, but if they seem keen on chatting with you, you can offer them something in return for their time and politeness. To continue my previous point, it's important not to be too pushy, too creepy, or take up too much of people's valuable personal time.

Some people may not want to answer the door for someone they don't know, and some people might think you're a door-to-door salesperson and slam the door in your face. It's important not to take rudeness or abruptness personally -- it's just human instinct and safety. But if people do answer the door and listening to your pitch, make sure the conversation is lighthearted, short, and sweet. You can always give them your card or a flier of the listing that they can read on their own time -- don't overstay your welcome on somebody's doorstep so they remember the interaction as a positive one.

If someone opens their door, listens to your pitch, and says they're not interested in talking, respect their wishes and their time -- but leave the door open for a future interaction. If they're already closing the door in your face, let it be.

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But if they say they can't talk due to time constraints but are otherwise polite, you could ask them if they'd like a business card or flier to reach out to you in the future. If they say yes, give them your contact information, and they could reach out again in the future. Next, as promised, I've created a couple of sample scripts you can adapt for your own door-knocking strategy.

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Doorway Into Time Doorway Into Time
Doorway Into Time Doorway Into Time
Doorway Into Time Doorway Into Time
Doorway Into Time Doorway Into Time
Doorway Into Time Doorway Into Time

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