Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1

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Sokolov, Alexander V. Piskunov, Georgii K. Chemistry - A European Journal , 24 8 , Journal of Organometallic Chemistry , , Aminophenolates of aluminium, gallium and zinc: Synthesis, characterization and polymerization activity. Applied Organometallic Chemistry , 31 11 , e Reactions of trialkyl aluminum and trialkyl gallium with the N- tert -butyl amide of succinic acid: Molecular and supramolecular structures of the products.

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Polyhedron , 27 3 , Andrea Keys, Paul T. Brain, Carole A.

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Ga Organogallium Compounds Part 1 1986

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  4. Ga Organogallium Compounds.
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    Organogallium chemistry

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    Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1 Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1
    Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1 Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1
    Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1 Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1
    Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1 Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1
    Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1 Ga Organogallium Compounds: Part 1

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