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7 steps to publishing in a scientific journal

SciencePG is very effective and user-friendly journal publication site. I will recommend everyone to publish. Science Publishing Group is the promising publisher for science generation to share knowledge in a fast and precise way that brings together all scientists in the world. To authors, they will get quicker response and affordable publication fee.

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Hope SciencePG become the most successive and cited publishers in the world in the near future. Virtual publications have become a great opportunity for a person to have access to scientific articles in prestigious journals. My experience is that SciencePG is an excellent publisher with high level of quality and professionalism. The challenge is to maintain the virtual publication, constantly renew and ensure that scientific articles soar higher scientific quality, so that the journal reaches a high standard in the very near future.

SciencePG is a well-organized and very ambitious publishing house.

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The concept of journals is based on contemporary scientific problems in biology and life sciences, physics, mathematics and statistics,… Computational Biology and Bioinformatics is a promising journal for scientific computing problems. The Editorial board and competent referees assure high-quality publications.

SciencePG is a publisher with inspiring way of communication and timely response, depth professional comment and well organized activity considering the future. You are dedicated group striving for astonishing future. I hope I will see it one of the best top 5 publisher in the world within 2 years. Publishing articles in SciencePG, reviews for a manuscript were returned to authors within several days, accurately pointing out the insufficiency and the distortion of interpretation of the results, and giving suggestions for better publishing in the journal.

We expect that SciencePG would be widely recognized as one of the valuable journals for researchers.

The wonderful experience about SciencePG is that I got paper reviewed within shortest duration of 10 working days with valuable suggestions and recommendations. SciencePG is a promising group with feasible and flexible communication. Hope it has a promising future. SciencePG is very high efficient in publishing the papers within one month only. It is easier and faster for people to communicate their researches. It is the fastest magazine in publishing the papers. Please attract more and more people to submit their high quality manuscripts to you.

I appreciate the dedication of SciencePG, because your concerns are very high; your actions and responses are very quick.

Female scientists underrepresented

I believe you have experienced reviewers. With this nice work, I expect the group will have many members in the near future. SciencePG is excellent. The editorial assistant has been of great help. We hope to be able to publish more papers in SciencePG journals! I went through the exited published work in journals and felt the stuff. I decided to go for the publication in this journal only.

Apart from the quick publication I found it really valuably reviewed and that makes me learn also. Thanking the Org. I believe it is full corresponds with my nice relation to SciencePG.

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I published four my paper in this Group and hope to follow this way in the future. I wish for SciencePG the best future! It's my first publishing in this journal site. It is a great site to publish research work without any confusion. Moreover, it is clear to me that overall evaluation of SciencePG is better than any other publishing sites. Every researcher, who needs to disseminate his knowledge across the world especially in developing countries, should prefer SciencePG because it is the fastest, cheapest for charging the publication handling fee and most importantly it is the open access model.

I have got a number of experiences how to write research paper etc. I strongly believe that SciencePG would be the known publisher and preferable by every researcher to disseminate his knowledge across the world as the journal is open access model, fastest and cheap. This is my first time of publishing with SciencePG but with the approach that they have adopted about getting feedbacks from authors. To avoid reviewers dwelling on stylistic details at the expense of scientific content, authors are advised to submit only polished manuscripts. The Journal recognises the challenges of non-English speaking authors and manuscripts will only be rejected on the basis of language if initial review is not possible due to an inability to understand the content.

However, a standard of English appropriate for an international journal will make the work of the reviewers easier and will increase the chance of a more favourable reception. In an era of ever-increasing numbers of scientific journals, particularly those publishing online, it is inevitable that the Journal receives manuscripts that may have been previously rejected by other journals. Authors should consider this carefully when submitting a manuscript that has been rejected elsewhere.

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Perish not publish? New study quantifies the lack of female authors in scientific journals

Sign In. Advanced Search. Click here to return to the Medical News Today home page. As news and media outlets compete for views, they can sometimes exaggerate headlines and content to lure the reader in. Although many believe scientific journals to be some of the most reliable sources of information, they are not immune to the desire to be read and shared.

A recent study set out to assess how much "spin" authors used in the abstracts of research papers published in psychology and psychiatry journals. They chose to look at abstracts because they summarize the entire paper, and doctors often use them to help inform medical decisions. They looked at papers from the top six psychiatry and psychology journals from — Specifically, the researchers focused on randomized controlled trials with "nonsignificant primary endpoints.

In total, they analyzed the abstracts of papers. The researchers also investigated if industry funding was associated with spin.

Perhaps surprisingly, they found no evidence that having financial backing from industry increased the likelihood of spin. The findings are concerning. Although spin in news media in general is worrying in itself, doctors use research papers to help steer clinical decisions. As the authors write:. The authors of the current study have concerns about what this might mean for doctors:. Most physicians read only the article abstract the majority of the time.

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Although researchers have not investigated the effects of spin in great depth, the authors point to one study that hammers home their point. In it, scientists collected abstracts from the field of cancer research.

Process to Publish in a Journal

All were randomized controlled trials with a statistically nonsignificant primary outcome. All abstracts included spin. The researchers created second versions of these abstracts in which they removed the spin. They recruited oncologists as participants. The researchers gave half of them an original abstract with spin, and they gave the other half the abstract with no spin. Worryingly, the doctors who read the abstracts with spin rated the intervention covered in the paper as more beneficial. As the authors of the recent study paper write: "Those who write clinical trial manuscripts know that they have a limited amount of time and space in which to capture the attention of the reader.

Positive results are more likely to be published, and many manuscript authors have turned to questionable reporting practices in order to beautify their results.

How to get published in Scientific Journals How to get published in Scientific Journals
How to get published in Scientific Journals How to get published in Scientific Journals
How to get published in Scientific Journals How to get published in Scientific Journals
How to get published in Scientific Journals How to get published in Scientific Journals
How to get published in Scientific Journals How to get published in Scientific Journals
How to get published in Scientific Journals How to get published in Scientific Journals
How to get published in Scientific Journals How to get published in Scientific Journals

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